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Lunch time!

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Lunch time!
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Image by keoshi
We bought a few slices of pizza (I regret I didn't buy more) and headed to the tower, sit on the grass and ate them.

This was a small, fairly cheap place but had the most delicious freshly made pizzas I've tasted in the whole trip.

Look Daddy, Its A Castle
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Image by Cayusa
The Excalibur Hotel and Casino. Personally I find the concept of a Medieval Castle themed Casino a good one. The Excalibur; however, is not what I would have designed. Considering the glitz and glamor of the other casinos, the Excalibur comes off as cheap. It is more cartoonish than anything else and considering it is right next to New York New York which is very detailed and realistic, it really seems out of place. Outside the front doors they have suits of armor that are plastic rather than metal. Inside they did a bit better of a job, but it still comes off more cartoonish than real. The Maryland Renaissance Festival does a better job of pulling off a more realistic medieval themed park than The Excalibur. It is still a fun casino, but rather disappointing when compared to the other casinos on The Strip.

In & around Wat Pho
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Image by Narisa
Bangkok, Thailand, 2009.

Wat Pho, where the world's largest reclining Buddha is found. A monk-run Thai massage school is also on temple grounds, offering authenticly painful and pleasantly cheap massages.

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