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Morning Glory

A few nice vacations to to images I found:

Morning Glory
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Image by darkharbour

From Here to Eternity Beach View to Nicki Minaj Starships.
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Image by Hawaiian Sea
The Cove, the famous beach from the movie "From Here To Eternity". This is what you would have seen if you were Lancaster & Kerr for that famous "kiss scene". In fact their tumbling in the surf & sand was in the portion of sand in the photo (right Hand Corner). This was home for me. When I went to UH, I would do my book reading here during the week. At the time I didn't realize how famous this beach truly was.



You Can Add Nicki Minaj's new Starship Video to the list.

A Little Help
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Image by Jenn Durfey
With no shoes on she attempted to master her bike riding skills. With a little help from training wheels.

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