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Cool Vacation To Go images

A few nice vacation to go images I found:

I'm Ready To Go Swimming!
vacation to go
Image by Cayusa
Savanah was a real trooper today while we were at Ding Darling Bird Reserve. She didn't complain and was happy to see all of the different birds. She even got to talk to one of the rangers about manatees which have become a favorite animal of hers.

I was glad that we ran into the ranger and that he and Savanah got to talk about them. She knows they are endangered and seems to have fixated on that and kept asking when they die. She was worried that her toy manatee was going to die. The ranger reassured her that they live up to 60 or so years and that while they are endangered, they are doing quite well and there numbers are up.

Savanah named her toy manatee Pretty, because they are apparently very sensitive about how they look and that even though they might not be the prettiest and cuddliest animals around, they are still pretty and she wanted her toy manatee to know it. I know she is sweet and compassionate little girl, but she amazes me time and time again.

As good as she was, she really wanted to go swimming. She showed great restraint and didn't really harp on it the entire time we were in the reserve, but once we pulled out of the gate, it was all about when she'd get to go swimming.

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