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Cool Vacation Village images

Some cool vacation village images:

Gamelon Orchestra on Break. Rambitan Village. South Lombok, Indonesia 2010
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Image by mikaku
Pujut, Rambitan, and Sade Villages
Sasak traditional villages where most of the inhabitants practice and maintain their traditional and cultural values. The Sasak villages exist mostly on sloping hills. Rice and corn, their annual crops, can be cultivated only during the rainy season, with most families keeping animals such as chicken, goats, cows and buffaloes for the food the offer during the summer season.
Sasak villages are distinctively marked by grass-roofed-houses symmetrically constructed on wood frames and most with bamboo-walls. Bale is the construction for a living house, built with a single room functioning both as a sleeping room and kitchen. Lumbung is a curve-like construction which functions as a rice store. Most Sasak houses are built with a lumbung and some also include sekepat or sekenem, constructions which function as guest reception or meeting places. Pujut, Rambitan and Sade Villages are located in the southern part of Lombok, some sixty kilometres from Mataram.
Lombok, Indonesia 2010. Balifornian Tours

Roquebrune Vieux Village, Panorama
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Image by Paolo666

Duval Village
vacation village
Image by Richard Elzey

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