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Nice Vacation And Travel photos

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Schönbrunn Palace, The Desert Experience House
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Image by Tjflex2
We spent 24 days travelling through the Czech Republic and Austria. This set is Vienna, Austria. Photos are tagged as to which day.

Day 12 - We started off by going to Schönbrunn Palace. This was our second time here and I can't express enough how great it is. Schönbrunn Palace and gardens is a former Habsburg imperial summer residence in Vienna. The grounds contain the palace, Gloriette, Palmenhaus, Dessert house, mazes, Roman ruins, English and French gardens, a carrage house (that contains many royal carrages), Egyptian Obelisk , an orangery and Tiergarten Schönbrunn (literally, Schönbrunn Zoo), the oldest zoo in the world. One of the most impressive sites I've been to. To really enjoy the entire site, you must take two days.

The Desert Experience House
"Emperor Franz Joseph I commissioned a hothouse based on designs by the architect Alfons Custodis for the overwintering of his extensive and extremely valuable "New Dutch" botanical collection, mainly containing specimens from Australia and South Africa.

Completed in 1904 in fin-de-siècle style with an ironwork frame that already displays art nouveau forms, the building has a masonry wall on its north side and a single-glazed south front, and was thus perfectly designed to protect tender plants needing special growing conditions from the harsh Central European winters.

Just under a century later thorough renovation of the building became necessary. The Federal Parks and Gardens Authority decided that it should be adapted to display the most beautiful and valuable specimens from the collection of succulents (cactuses and other water-storing drought-resistant plants). In order to make the exhibition as interesting as possible Schönbrunn Zoo has collaborated in creating three different arid habitats (Madagascar, and deserts of the Old and New Worlds) with a selection of their native plants and animals. The exhibition additionally shows the fascinating and multifarious survival strategies of the creatures that populate these harsh habitats, both above and below ground."

Karlobag - Croatia - Croacia
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Image by Paco CT
Croatian Easter Vacations - Semana Santa Croacia. Día 2

The third stop of the day. We were passing, liked it and stopped for a coffee. That was the norm during this easter vacation.

La tercera parada del día, pasábamos, nos gustó y paramos. Así de sencillo, nos tomamos las vacaciones esta vez.


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Cathedral St Anastasia [Zadar (2) - Croatia - Croacia]
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Image by Paco CT
Croatian Easter Vacations - Semana Santa Croacia. Día 3
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