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Rude foreign shopkeepers

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Rude foreign shopkeepers
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Image by nicwn
One thing I found really annoying was the shopkeepers... these people are not Thai natives, I think the Thai natives are very courteous. These people are the exact opposite, they are obnoxious and constantly hustle for sales! The typical thing they'll do when you walk by is they'll guess where you're from. One time when my wife was looking at something at one of the vendors, the guy from the next stall yelled at my general direction (I wasn't looking his way) to ask if I was from China. I didn't pay any attention to him and he kept yelling at me. Finally, I looked at him and he asked again if I was from China, and I said no we're from the US... and then he was like... "Oh... then... are your parents from China?"!!! LOL!!! I mean... WTF?!!! I didn't know what to say to him, I just laughed! Then when my wife didn't buy anything, they were like oh you Chinese, Chinese cheap, no money... OMG! Seriously, these mother fuckers are extremely rude! I suggest if you ever go to Thailand, don't buy anything from these rude people!

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