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Nice Where To Vacation photos

A few nice where to vacation images I found:

where to vacation
Image by joey.o
where the band used to hang out when they had shows at the cavern

My tummy needs a rest
where to vacation
Image by Ed Yourdon
Club Med 2007 - 064

This big, fat man was sound asleep when I walked past, perfectly content to have the sun shining on his enormous stomach. I have no idea whose family he was part of, where he came from, or what he was doing...

Note: this photo was published in an Apr 22, 2009 blog titled "Ryanair plant Mehrkosten für Übergewichtige." It was also published in a May 25, 2010 blog titled "Saliva Earns Bus Drivers Paid Vacation." And it was published in a Dec 20, 2011 blog titled "Is remote work making Americans’ vacation starvation worse?"

Lightening over Wrightsville
where to vacation
Image by NCBrian
A storm had moved into the area where we were vacationing at the beach. It was a very active storm with quite a few spectacular bolts so I thought that this was as good time to capture a lightening storm as a photograph.

Lightening is always one of the more popular subjects for photography but one that is demanding in patience and timing. I was fortunate that I was several floors up at the hotel and that the surrounding terrain was relatively flat giving me a wide open vista. I set up tripod on the passageway and pointed the camera towards the town of Wrightsville.

So for twenty minutes I kept snapping away at the storm but it seems that no matter how long the shutter speed setting I set for the camera, I always seem to be missing the moment when a bolt struck the ground. Except this one time when I caught two bolts hitting the ground nearly simultaneously. It is not the most spectacular of the lightening I saw that night but it is still gratifying to have this shot.

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