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Nice Where To Vacation photos

A few nice where to vacation images I found:

The first day of Summer Vacation
where to vacation
Image by jcoterhals
I started my summer vacation yesterday and took my family to a cottage a few hours drive from where we live. By coincidence my summer vacation happened to start on the same day the Twitter Photo Challenge group published this weeks challenge. And even more by coincidence (or perhaps not, considering it's summer), this week's challenge is "Vacation".

Here's the first picture I imagined when seeing what the topic was. Someone shunning their clothes, running into the water. Believe it or not: That was exactly what my oldest son did by himself when we arrived at the cottage. So I really just had to point and shoot :-)

Salón de los Embajadores (Hall of the Ambassadors) Where (most likely) Christopher Colombus talked to Isabel and Ferdinand.
where to vacation
Image by acl0026

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