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Medium format
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Image by tim_d
A medium format shot in progress, above Grasmere and Rydal Water. Taken by Lucy whose fingers were still working because she'd kept her gloves on. Camera is a Bronica ETRS which has subsequently been offloaded in favour of a Hasselblad.

In fact I needn't have bothered getting cold - I'd loaded a b&w film by mistake instead of Velvia, was exposing for ISO 50 instead of ISO 125, and then to cap it all buggered it up while trying to load it into a damp spiral for processing. Just as well some of the other films came out that day...

Day 12 - Open water divers
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Image by LShave
Roatan Island is supposedly the world's cheapest place to become a certified diver. It wasn't part of the original plan, but as a previously certified diver, I convinced Travis and Melinda to go through the three day course, so that we could all go diving together. Here we are before their last required dive.

Ate some yummy kabobs here! There are tons of kebab/shwarma/falafel places in the Latin Quarter
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Image by Ruth L
The food was cheap and delicious (a good thing) but the area felt like Disneyland - too many themes. All (if not most) of the Greek restaurants had what I would call the faux broken dish pieces thingy going on.....kind of gimmicky, no??