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'An Italian Delicacy', Italy, Tuscany, Radda In Chianti
vacations for cheap
Image by WanderingtheWorld (www.LostManProject.com)
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Below is an excerpt from my travel blog. Cheers.
I love that good cheap wine here in Italy costs around 3-5 euros per bottle. I think I've sampled more Italian wine traveling here in the last 2 weeks than I have in my entire life. My time here in the Tuscan and Umbria wine producing regions has been a good education in Italian fine wines. I've all too often found myself feeling rather silly in Italian restaurants when I ask for a cabernet sauvignon (the only wine I really knew anything about) or something similar. I wouldn't advise asking for French wine in a nice Italian restaurant. So I've finally toured the wine regions of Tuscany and Umbria and now know enough about the wines to not shun away from the wine menus when placed down on the table. I'm still not sure if I have a favorite. I found the landscape, people and culture in the Montepulciano area to be the most memorable and I think I will always look for that on the menu as a result. I also enjoyed the Chianti regions to the north which is where this green field of round grapes is pictured above. I've also become a big fan of the cheese and meats that go along with the wine. I'll post some of those photos tomorrow.

vacations for cheap
Image by emseearr
Photography 101: Cheap fish-eye lenses are good for landscapes with ample light, not for portraits in low-light.