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Vegas For Beginners?
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Image by Liz Brooks
I hadn't been to a Chuck E Cheese since I was ten, so obviously Penny's never been... but she caught right on to the whole "earn tickets to exchange for prizes" scam and excitedly plunged into the deal.

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Image by spinnerin
The view from our room at The Mirage (only ! I have no idea how we got such a crazy good deal).

Secreto of Iberico Pork
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Image by sygyzy
Secreto of Iberico Pork
chanterelle, meat jus

The final savory course consisted of what is know literally as the "secret" of pork, a prized cut from behind the shoulder blade. And of course, being this is é, we are not talking about any pig; only an iberico would do.

This is probably the best piece of pork I've had, or a close second to the one I had at Corton. That piece was Mangalista, though. If you look at the cross section, the secreto does not look like a heavily fatty meat at all. The beauty of it is that you are not dealing with huge pieces of solid fat deposit. Instead, the marbling is very fine and well integrated in the meat. One chew and you instantly know you've hit on that magical balance between fat and protein.

We were told that previous incarnations of this dish had black truffle on top but now that the season is over ...

We were presented with the meat before it was sliced and it was a sizeable piece (for six diners). What we ended up getting was just three small slices each. Stephanie explained that they trimmed off all the external gristle and fat and any pieces deemed too thin or not perfect. This is what's left.