Judy's View at Dante's View

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Judy's View at Dante's View
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Image by Old Shoe Woman
Taken during our June 2006 vacation. See the set: www.flickr.com/photos/judybaxter/sets/72157594167212092/

While in Las Vegas, Jim, Carl flickr.com/photos/carltyson/ , Judy flickr.com/photos/pinkpepperphoto/ , and I drove to Death Valley. On our 2005 trip, we were not able to drive to the top and look out from Dante's View because the road had been washed away from the rains. It was an awesome sight to see the salt pan (flats) that are the bottom of an inland sea.


From Dante's View one can see the central part of Death Valley from a vantage point 5,500 feet (1,700 m) above sea level. From here Badwater Basin can be seen, which contains the lowest dry point in North America. Telescope Peak can also be seen from here which is 11,331 feet (3455 m) above sea level. This is the greatest topographic relief in the conterminous U.S.

The mountain that Dante's View is on is part of the Black Mountains which along with the parallel Panamint Range across the valley form what geologists call a horst and the valley that is called a graben. These structures are created when the surface of the earth is under extensional, or a pulling force. The crust responds to this force by sending a large and long roughly v-shaped block of crust down which forms the bedrock of the valley floor (see Basin and Range). en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubehebe_Crater#Dante.27s_View

158 Parasailer Over Lake George
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Image by Fractal Artist
This set of vacation pics was taken at Lake George, one of the big tourist spots in the Adirondacks. We took a little hour cruise on the day most of these pics were taken. The next night we went back to see the lake at night and the weekly fireworks. The few night shots were taken then.

I would SO love to do this, it looks like heavenly fun! Never mind that it's been about 50 years since I waterskied and I would likely drown or break my neck. I can dream can't I?

The Lone Lenser at Coconuts
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Image by Funkybug
From a vacation file that I haven't processed ... a vacation taken in the summer of '05 I believe. Wow. That's pathetic.

Anyhow, this is my husband, sipping a fruity drink at a bar called Coconuts.

Cozumel, Mexico

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