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resort spa vacation
Image by Angela Rutherford
Wyndham Sugar Bay Beach Resort and Spa, St. Thomas, USVI

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resort spa vacation
Image by Alex Naing
Hummus + Moroccan bread
Olive bread + tzatziki

Anzani New Mediterranean Restaurant,
Bellini Champagne Lounge and Live Music Bar

Panorama Heights, Nivel Hills, Lahug, Cebu City, Philippines

Day 13 - Sand, Surf, and Sun(burn)
resort spa vacation
Image by Kevin H.
Tuesday January 26, 2010
Zanzibar (Nungwi)

Because there was no snorkeling trip, I decided to spend the morning swimming in the resort's pool and lying in the sun. After a couple of hours doing that (more on that brilliant decision later), I went for a walk along the beach up to the lighthouse at the nearby cove. It wasn't a very long trip but I lollygagged my way along taking photos, watching crabs and birds, and picking up seashells.

There were a lot of little blue-tailed jellyfish about the size of cherries left high and dry on the rocks along the shore. As I was walking along I kept hearing something that sounded like bubblewrap popping and eventually realized that it was me stepping on the little jellyfish that were still inflated with air. After that I took pains to avoid squishing them under my feet, but every so often I'd still hear a telltale 'pop.'

It wasn't until I'd gotten back to my room after my walk that I realized I gotten a sunburn. A bad sunburn, in fact. With the strong breeze blowing off the sea, it hadn't felt that hot and I'd laid out in the sun longer than I should have. Although I did put on sunscreen, I didn't reapply it after swimming or wearing my shoes. Consequently, nearly every part of me that wasn't covered by my swimming trunks (including the tops of my feet) was now bright red and hot to the touch. What an idiot.

It was nice finishing up our trip with a relaxing stay at a beach resort. I couldn't think of a better way to end our vacation. At this point I had pretty much lost all track of time. I also had no idea what was going on in the world any farther away than I could see. I hadn't watched tv since I was in my room at the Slipway in Dar and I hadn't seen a newspaper since we were killing time in the waiting room at Tazara train station. Most importantly, I had no idea how the NFL playoffs were going and who was going to be in the Super Bowl, although I would at least be back home in time to catch the game.

Because sundown cruises were out due to the strong winds, the hotel manager Eugene drove Roger, Ruth, the Alaskan couple and I to a beach bar on the cove I'd walked down to earlier. Shelley and Donna would have come along but Donna was still getting her massage at the resort's spa hut. They and Ruth had opted for massages but Roger and I, being manly men, were having none of the spa. We sat drinking our beers, wine, and sodas at the bar on the beach and watched the sun go down over the water. It was the same problem we'd had in Stone Town in that once the sun got within an inch of the horizon it disappeared behind a band of clouds, but it was still very lovely to see.