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Some cool vacation to go images:

vacation 2009
vacation to go
Image by icedsoul photography .:teymur madjderey
here we go party people :-)

at last a very very smal selection of my/our vacation photos of our last summers trip to the us. nyc, san diego, los angeles and back to nyc.
I just did not have the time to go through them before and these were selected from an initial 6893 photos I/we took over the course of the 20 days.

hope you enjoy 'em and let me know what you think. just to be sure the photos are kinda colorcoded like the different CSI's :-)

oh and if these 49 are not enough... I have posted another public selection of 576 photos of this trip to my "private" account which you can find HERE

feel free to add that account also and leave comments as you like!

all the best, teymur!