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Downtown Disney Stroll
walt disney world vacations
Image by Scott Smith (SRisonS)
It's always a unique challenge trying to shoot he parks, when you visit with non-photography minded people. You don't always get a chance to seek out or setup shots; you mainly try to take pictures when they stop to take pictures; you're not always in the most photogenic of areas; and you're sometimes standing in spots you normally wouldn't 'just stand'. While you're walking around, you have to be totally quick with your shots, or just suffer the heartache of a missed moment. But it's the 'just standing' instances when your shutter finger really starts to twitch. You know you could setup if needed... you see all of the possible great shots around you.... and even when you know the shot may not be of epic proportions, you know that you have to shoot something.

This was one of those standing moments. I didn't necessarily need to setup anything; but I saw the shot I wanted, and was able to take my time in getting it. Although these lights are up all year long, I love the Holiday ambiance they bring to the area; especially when you know that Christmas is fast approaching. And this wouldn't have been at the top of my list of standing areas; but it was the perfect spot to give the feel that the lights are all over this area, as opposed to just looking like they're only over a certain stretch.

Downtown Disney - West Side
Walt Disney World Resort, FL