Murrells Inlet, SC

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A few nice vacation specials images I found:

Murrells Inlet, SC
vacation specials
Image by jculverhouse
The band had a wedding reception to do in May, so we all headed down to Myrtle Beach to do the show. Once we setup the stage, Bubba took us to out to Goat Island to feed his goats and for a quick buzz around the area.

If you are ever in the area, be sure to visit Bubba's Love Shack - tell him The Worx Band sent you!

I went back a few months later with my kids and had the special of the night, Stuffed Grouper and, just WOW! So incredible!!

P1030704 - a pirates fate
vacation specials
Image by Ambernectar 13
"Piracy was robbery at sea and was considered so serious that the penalty was not only death but also ritualistic execution. A special Admiralty Court tried and executed pirates. After they were hanged on the beach between high and low tide, the bodies were tarred and hung in chains called a "gibbet" at the harbour entrance as a warning to other mariners.

This is a replica of the pirate Edward Jordan executed in Halifax in 1829. He was "gibbeted" at Black Rock in Point Pleasant Park. The same year, the Royal Navy also gibbeted four mutineers on McNabs Island. Any ship entering Halifax Harbour in 1829 was greeted by this gauntlet of rotting corpses swinging in the wind. Jordan's skull was later retrieved and given to the Nova Scotia Museum.


vacation specials
Image by fry_theonly
Quality Inn, our hotel in Springdale.
Our room was good and the bus stop to the park is in front of the hotel, very convenient.
The pool, if your interested, is small and nothing special.

If you'd like to stay in the hotel inside Zion Park, that's really cool, remember to book 18 months in advance...